VIDEO: Ride Along With A 1500hp Twin Turbo Viper!

SOURCE: @SneakySnakes

Just take a moment to hear the Snake hiss!

“Lets go for a ride in a good friend’s TT Gen 2 GTS. Car is an RSI build, packing a fully built 522ci stroker with twin 67s, supporting mods, and running on e85. It makes around 1300whp full tilt, but is on its street setting (7 of 12), at around 950-1000hp in this video. AEM infinity is handling the engine management with full traction control, rolling anti-lag, and boost by gear enabled. As you can see, even on the mid boost setting (~1000hp), he makes my CTS-V and another good friend’s bolt on Gen 5 GTS look absolutely broken. It’s quite an experience from the inside for sure. Enjoy!”