VIDEO: GT-R Racer Wrecks Street Class Record Holding Neon SRT-4 :(


Man does that thing scream! Douglas Wind and his Nasty Neon SRT-4 had sights on re-setting the Street Class Record. Then it happened…..

“Here is my in-car (front and rear, in series) of the incident. As I came through 12 I saw ahead, far track right, a car spinning and parts flying, so I lifted and then braked in unison with the white Evo in front of me. The GT-R doesn’t appear to have slowed appreciably before the impact. Was that because he was already 2 wheels in the dirt? Was is because tried to steer around before braking? Or was it just a lack of awareness until it was too late? You be the judge! It’s racing and I will fix the, hopefully in time to continue our battle for the points Championship in the Optima Search for the Ultimate Street Car series at their final round at Road America in just 6 short weeks. After that we are off to SEMA, with the car, and then to Super Lap Battle with Global TIme Attack!”

GT-R View –

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