VIDEO: Challenger SRT Demon vs. 2017 Corvette ZO6

SOURCE: Demonology

Demonology takes his Challenger SRT Demon to the track to tango with a new Corvette C7 ZO6! #MOPARORNOCAR

“I went out to Northstar Dragway in Denton, TX and gave away a free can of Boostane to one of my subscribers! I also had the opportunity to hang out with two of my subscribers who kept me and my wife company when the track printer broke down and delayed the drag races. Also had a good time hanging out with Todd, the owner of the notorious Blue Goose, a modded Corvette Z06. Todd was able to set up a race with one of his friends in a yellow 2017 Corvette Z06, and I also raced the Blue Goose for a 2nd time. Although the Blue Goose red lighted a 2nd time he had to let out of it due to the car slipping. I am looking forward to racing the Blue Goose another time. The 2017 Corvette Z06 was surprisingly fast on its stock tires, and the driver got a good hole shot but the Dodge Demon walked him down within the first 60 feet and then walked around him. It’s really amazing how fast the Corvette Z06 is when its truly set up for road courses and not the drag strip. I would love the opportunity to race the new 2019 Corvette ZR1.”