VIDEO: First Ever Tuned Jeep “SRT” Trackhawk! | @LivernoisMotor

SOURCE: Livernois Motorsports

The good folks over at Livernois Motorsports didn’t waste any time digging in to the new Jeep “SRT” Trackhawk. Lets see what they were able to squeeze out of the beast! #GOTGAINS

“We first teased you all with our video of the new 2018 #Trackhawk being baselined, and then showed you those results. While that’s all fun and all we know what you really wanted, and that’s to see it tuned! Well, add this to the list of #LivernoisFirsts in that we are the first to tune one! That’s right, we’ve gotten in to work our magic! We’re working on getting the tune perfected now, but these are solid early gains! Keep watching as we improve upon this and tear into it further!”