VIDEO: About That SRT Hellcat That Raced @StreetOutlaws Farmtruck…

SOURCE: Road Test TV

Lets take a closer look at that bad SRT Hellcat that went heads up with the notorious Farmtruck from Discovery Channel’s “Street Outlaws”

“For those of you that watch Street Outlaws, you probably saw the episode in which Farmtruck races a HELLCAT Challenger – twice. On the show it looked like the Hellcat had a difficult time getting traction – “Spinning ain’t winning” and FarmTruck took the win twice. If you wondered, how fast is that Hellcat if it had traction? We have the answer…. Watch the video and let us know below if you think this HELLCAT had a chance against Farmtruck if it had traction like it does in this video. Track prep was handled by Brandon and the team of Mass Traction