SOURCE: Steve Ripa

Meet The New Quickest Blower Only SRT Hellcat On Earth! – Looks like there is a new Sheriff in town! Witness the quickest stock powered Challenger SRT Hellcat murder the 1320! #MOPARORNOCAR

“As of 11/4/2017, this is the quickest boost only Dodge Hellcat in the world! Bolt on, e85 Barth tuned. A8 transmission, full interior, stock blower, stock transmission, stock motor, stock rear and halfshafts. 60ft 1.391 1/8 mile 5.999 @ 117.84 1/4 mile 9.347 @ 143.19 Car is out of fuel causing the bypass valve to open at the 1000ft mark, will trap close to 150 with new fuel system. Working towards 8s stock blower, full interior.”