VIDEO: @CalvoMotorsports 1750hp SRT Viper ACR @TexasInvitationals

SOURCE: 1320video

Calvo Motorsports is back and even badder. This time they bring out an insane 1700+hp Gen 5 SRT Viper ACR Extreme on street tires. Yep…street tires!
“This is the Way Vipers SHOULD Have Came! Calvo Motorsports has repeatedly taken the already venomous viper and turned it into and even more fearsome animal! Taking this brand new ACR Extreme Viper with the factory package aero kit, Calvo Motorsports was able to unleash unimaginable potential while still keeping the car in the realm of driveability! This NASTY Gen V Dodge Viper was tearing up the airfield of Caddo Mills Municipal Airport during Texas Invitationals Fall 2017 event! Throwing down an INCREDIBLE 1750HP through a sleeved stock block on the factory 19” Wheels! Its insane to know you can drive this subtle serpent 0-200MPH in less than a 1/2 Mile just as easily as you could drive it home after!”