SOURCE: SRT- Mustang Killer

Procharged WK2 Jeep SRT vs. Chevy SS | 1/4 Mile – Skip to 2:30 for the 1/4 Mile passes.

“Supercharged Jeep SRT v/s Chevy SS. Chevy SS v/s Charger Scat Pack. Challenger R/T v/s Audi. I ordered the Jeep Trackhawk, what are your experiences with ridiculous dealership markups? Looking to sell my Supercharged Jeep SRT (33,000 miles) it’s still under warranty, has nearly every upgrade you could want for half the price of the Trackhawk. Send me a message if you or someone you know might be interested. Willing to sell without the supercharger or sell them separately. Thanks for watching!”