VIDEO: Corsa ‏vs. Belanger | Dodge SRT Viper Exhaust Battle!

SOURCE: @SneakySnakes

Corsa ‏vs. Belanger | Dodge SRT Viper Exhaust Battle! – Which exhaust note did you guys like better on the Snake?

“Decided to switch the catback on my car from Corsas to Belanger. I already had Belanger longtubes and midpipes with cats, so now the car has the full system. Reason for the switch? I missed the setup that I had on the orange car. In my mind, Belanger is the best sounding exhaust system for a Viper (even though it may not be the best quality). The corsas shine at duality of purpose, its extremely loud at WOT, but completely drone free and relatively tame part throttle and cruising. The drawback is for all that internal baffling the catback is twice the weight of the belanger setup, and its also very hollow sounding at anything below 3k rpm. So at startup, idle, and part throttle cruise it just doesn’t have the best sound. Belangers on the other hand fire up with a deep snarl, sounds like pure bass, and has this smooth bellowy tone throughout the entire rev range and part throttle. The drawback being that you do get some resonance somewhere between 2-3k rpm, so if you’re the type of person bothered by drone, you should probably stick to corsa. I’m extremely happy with the switch, I honestly should have done it a while ago. ***Even though I did use an external mic for these recordings they don’t really do either setup justice. You can’t get a sense of loudness or low frequency output through my low end mic (and your computer speakers), so take all this with a grain of salt.”