VIDEO: 10 Second ’71 Plymouth Road Runner Drag Racing!

SOURCE: victoryredcolorado

10 Second ’71 Plymouth Road Runner Drag Racing!

“While we’ve all grown accustomed to seeing the first gen ’68-’70 Plymouth Roadrunners at the track as the second generation roadrunners ’71 to ’74 are far and few between racing down the quarter mile. It’s either a love or hate as Chrysler totally redesigned the roadrunner starting with the ’71 model. I personally love the first gen but always have had a liking of the second gen too. It’s something about the stance with the big back tires and that big fuselage style body that harkens back to the high school days when guys would run the gabriel hijacker air shocks and the huge meats. Yes I’m dating myself but those were the days! Check out this ’71 in it’s first time out click off two clean 10 sec passes with a 400/512 stroker powerplant at beautiful RT66 in Joliet, Ill. 5-21-16”