SOURCE: FoxProFilms

2017 Dodge Viper SRT ACR Extreme Nurburgring Run! | In the words of my uncle Mike… “THATS A BAAAADDDDDD MUTHAF*CKA” Will a Mopar be the first to break the 6 minute barrier on the Nurburgring?? #MOPARORNOCAR

“Dominik Farnbacher driving a 2017 Viper ACR-Extreme lapping the Nordschleife at Nurburgring.
Fastest American-Made Production Car Lap
Fastest RWD Production Car Lap
Fastest Manual Gearbox Production Car Lap
Thank you to Viper Nation, Kumho Tire, Prefix, ViperExchange, BJ Motors, FoxProFilms & Everyone involved in this effort.”