SOURCE: 1320video

@CalvoMotorsports Stock Motor Gen 5 SRT Viper Smashes 1/2 Mile World Record! – This guys reaction to the time slip was hilarious! BTW Calvo is pumping out some BAD ASS SRT Vipers!

“Breaking the current record of 191MPH, This Calvo Motorsports tuned Dodge Viper TORE up the airstrip at the Puerto Rico Half Mile! Records are made to be broken, but they mean a whole lot more when you’re pushing the limits of a factory design. Calvo Motorsports is known for pushing the factory engine farther and farther has taken the 1/2 mile Top Speed record to SERIOUSLY impressive heights. Spinning the tires down the Half Mile at Rafael Hernández Airport in Aguadilla, Puerto Rico proved to be a challenge, especially with such an aggressive headwind! These Vipers look INCREDIBLE while screaming down these half mile events!”