PICS/VIDEO: Teens Steal & Crash Multiple SRTs From Missouri Dealership


Soooo…A couple teens decide to go and steal over 2000hp worth of Dodge SRTs from a dealer in St. Peters, Missouri. The delinquents broke into a back window of the dealership and made off with two Dodge Challenger SRT Hellcats and one Dodge Charger SRT 392 (not clear on the make of the fourth vehicle). Unfortunately for these lads they were most likely not prepared to handle the brute force of a 700+hp blown HEMI, or even the 485hp from the 392 for that matter. Thanks to a dealer employee who noticed suspicious activity on the property and notified police the teens did not make it far. Although two of the four vehicles stolen are believed to be totaled after the joyride, the dealer is happy to have their cars back. Lets hope these boys find a better way to spend their time in the future! Below are some pictures of the carnage that followed a short police chase resulting in thousands of dollars in damages.