VIDEO: @1320Video Cleetus’ Garage Ep. 6 – 1000hp SRT Hellcat

SOURCE: 1320video

@1320video’s Cleetus takes a 1000hp M6 SRT Hellcat for a spin! “Let er rip tater-chip” Just so everyone knows, SRT:LIFE is voting for Cleetus!

“So you buy a new Hellcat, switch the pulley, add some nitrous, meth, and tune it on E-85 – You’ll make a 1000+ HP.. BADASS! So what now? The LAST thing we’d expect you to do is give Cleetus’ McFarland the keys, and let him beat the pavement on a road course with TURNS! But thats exactly what this owner does, and we thank him for it! Because it turned into a hilarious Episode 6 for Cleetus’ Garage.. da hell was he thinking?!”