VIDEO: Dodge Neon SRT-4 vs. Pontiac Trans Am


Dodge Neon SRT-4 vs. Pontiac Trans Am

“This run was done on 24psi, still running a little sluggish up top(need to finish tuning). As you can see in the vid i spun all of 1st, and bogged & spun some of 2nd gear. This is my 5th run with this setup, 2nd time ever with slicks…. srt4 ran a 12.2 @ 118mph….once im done fully tuning the car i will go for 120+ trap speeds as well as a 11sec pass

-Stock Head&Block & tranny
-Modified stock turbo(14G) at 24psi
-semi-tuned(fine tuning needed)
-meth kit
-stock exhaust with cutout
-All supporting mods
-vehicle with driver weighs 3,200lbs(weighed at the track)
-M&H 24.5x8x15 slicks

NO 2-STEP OR WOT BOX…..they were not working for the runs i was doing.”