VIDEO: Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6 vs. C5 Vette vs. Turbo Civic Hatch vs. SRT-4

SOURCE: Thechuk138

Our buddy Chuk is back with his sick Chrysler Crossfire SRT-6! This time he lines up with a modded C5 Corvette, turbo Civic and a Neon SRT-4 (Owned by Chris)

“Another run that came from that wuss in the 5.0 bailing out. All I saw was a Corvette next to me and said WTH, let’s run. That’s when I saw the scoops in front of the rear wheels and thought I made an arrogant move. He spun off the line and that was all I needed to get out in front.”

SRT-6 vs. Turbo Civic

“No clue what all was done to the Civic. Only ran him since a new 5.0 Mustang kept bailing out on a race after 3 times lining up. The hatch ended up making more noise than power…..lmao”

SRT-6 vs. SRT-4

“Ran against my buddy Chris Mimikos in his SRT-4 daily. Temp was around 88, humidity at 90%. The best I could pull was a 12.3 @ 113. He ran an 11.98 later that night.”