VIDEO: WK1 Jeep SRT All Motor Record 1/4 Mile Record

SOURCE: BigKleib34

“This time, we catch up with Jeremy’s AWD wheelie machine as the SRT8 Jeep Grand Cherokee sets the record for naturally aspirated AWD Jeeps. Just imagine when he starts spraying it!

Mod List:
“Hhp/bes 6.1 hemi stroked to a 7.0l(426). We added a bit of compression to this new motor
Southern Hot Rod Nag1 trans
Custom Hhp cam
Custom ported heads
65lbs injectors
Ross pistons
Upgraded 1000hp axles
High torque transfer case
Upgraded to LSD front and rear
Stock 3:73 gears
Drag radials
Put 600hp to tires on dyno and 560tq to the tires on race gas tune”