VIDEO: Challenger SRT Hellcat vs. 600whp C6 ZO6 – Be Careful What You Ask For!

SOURCE: Street Cars Underground

Challenger SRT Hellcat vs. Corvette C6 ZO6….When keeping it real goes WRONG!! I bet that was a long ride home!

“This guy comes to our Michigan Streets, parks near us and starts talking how fast his car is and would race anyone so the Switzer stage 1 bolt on GTR called him out he apparently tints all of Switzer performance cars and claims he tinted our buddies stage 1 bolt on tune GTR that he says is 1200 WHP and he tinted it before, well while your here check it out. I don’t know about you guys when you get called out you get it over with or back out but the only reason he raced is because we caught him on the freeway.
Oh BTW the Z06 is gutted out and weighs 2900lbs”