VIDEO: Dodge Viper SRT-10 vs. Tesla P85-D

SOURCE: Tesla Racing Channel

Nice try you overgrown RC car you!!! LOL #MOPARORNOCAR

“Racing my buddy in his amazing Dodge Viper SRT10 vs the Tesla Model S P85D. Agreed on a 10 mph roll race but also got in a 20 mph race. At first he wanted a 10mph race to 150 when I knew he would come around the Tesla long before then. On the 20 he came around about 80mph and on the 10 roll he came around at about 100 mph. Beautiful car and glad he came out so I could grab some footage for Tesla Racing Channel since it’s winter and no dragstrips are particularly open. His car looks much better in person I can assure you that and after taking him and his friend for a ride I was lucky enough to get a ride of the lifte time in his Viper. Couple or go-pros had problems, one forgot to turn on and the inside cams SD card went corrupt so no footage could be pulled off of either. Hope you all enjoy the Tesla P85D we have more footage recorded to come look us up on Facebook for sneak peeks! When Tesla decides to release it we will be upgrading our P85D to the P90D type and get you some specs at the drag strip as soon as possible!”