PICS: Electric supercharger & turbocharger setup to replace Hemi V8?



I really hope we do not see the end of the Hemi V-8’s in the coming future…but that is a very real possibility (If you have one keep it…If you want one, buy now!!). According to FCA US has developed a patent for an electric supercharger and turbocharger setup possibly to mated with 6 cylinder engine in the future. Whatever happens I know I’ll be holding on to my 392 and Im very curious to see what the Mopar Gods have up their sleeve!

“Steven St. Laurent pointed out a recent FCA US patent which covers a combination of an electric supercharger and a turbocharger. The engine computer monitors the performance of both units (along with the usual sensors) to optimize power delivery.

The idea behind the system is to increase ready power at any moment — avoiding turbo lag — without an ordinary supercharger’s parasitic losses at times when full power is not needed.” – David Katz

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